Vibration Analysis And control

Vibration Analyzer:  The Signal Detector

Many manufacturing facilities and all kinds of plants in the technical field need to test their machinery every once in a while, including the structure and facilities.  For that purpose, a vibration analyzer is the proper solution.

Basically, a vibration analyzer carries out the process of monitoring vibration signal patterns, in order to evaluate the machine’s performance, or detect faults and bugs in the machinery’s performance.

Wise-Tech makes sure your machinery and any relevant equipment is at its best shape, as it  offers its customers a state of the art vibration analyzer, most powerful tool on the market, which includes the following features:

  • 4-channel touch screen
  • Therman imaging
  • Ultrasound measurement
  • 4-process value channels – temperature, pressure etc.

Wise-tech’s vibration analyzer gives you a true picture of the machinery’s condition.  Other than the listed above features, the vibration analyzer is a multitasking tool, offering the following features as well:

  • Vibration analyzer
  • Balancer
  • RAW signal recorder
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Machine faults autodetection
  • Route data collector
  • Sound analyzer
  • Operating Deflection Shapes
  • Ultrasound detector
  • Run Up – Coast down
  • Lubrication monitoring
  • Stethoscope

To sum up, a vibration analyzer analyzer may guarantee the sound performance of your machinery and your productive, consistent work.  If you wish a reliable guarantee of your machinery’s condition, consider purchasing Wise-tech’s vibration analyzer, and benefit from the multitude of the above mentioned functions, which render the analyzer the most advanced tool in the market.

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