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A wide variety of Raman Spectrometer

Looking for advanced Raman spectrometers? At WISE TECH, Israel’s leading supplier of equipment systems to businesses in electronics industry, you will find a wide variety of Raman spectrometers  manufactured by EnSpectr – Enhanced Spectrometry, which has been specializing in the development for more than 20 years.

Among our spectrometer instruments, you can find:

  • ENSPECTR M IN VIVO VIS-NIR SPECTROMETER – a light and portable spectrometer device that enables real-time measurements, including analysis of remote sample parts
  • ENSPECTR UV-VIS-NIR SPECTORMETER FI 1200 – a universal instrument for visible area spectral analysis. This device is easy to operate and ensures high resolution results.
  • ENSPECTR L405 LUMINESCENCE ANALYZER – a unique luminescent analyzer that combines the highest resolution and superior sensitivity in a compact design
  • RamMics M532® Raman Microscope integrates the opportunities of the EnSpectr R532®Raman Analyzer Scientific Edition and Olympus CX-41 microscope adapted both for transmission and reflection measurements
  • ENSPECTR RAPORT RAMAN HANDHELD ANALYZER – a handheld spectrometer device that interfaces with Android devices (smartphones and tablets), enabling management of measurement options in a user-friendly interface.
  • ENSPECTR R532 RAMAN ANALYZER – unique instrument that combines the advantage of a portable probe system with the performance of a highly specified laboratory instrument. It is a perfect choice for Raman analysis when high-quality data is essential

For further information about devices marketed by us, contact our sales representatives directly.

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