Safety Testers

Safety Testers:  The Most Accurate Multitasker

Looking for a measurement and testing solution? Perhaps a safety tester is what you are looking for.  A safety tester’s functions are as follows:

  • Ensure that a given piece of machinery, or equipment does not pose a hazard to the user at the other end.
  • Identifying defects and so-called bugs prior to putting the given product out on the market, or even before their production.
  • Consequently, safety testers may be of assistance in avoiding product recall costs, and preventing litigation due to damages because of a defected product.

Wise-tech’s safety testers offer a mathematical accuracy of electronic equipment’s safety.  Thanks to the most accurate testing of your product’s safety compliance, and the wide-range of supportive analytical features.  Thanks to that fact, Wise-tech’s safety tester, is capable, for instance, of performing four tests at once; Ground Bond Test, Leakage Current Test, Insulation Resistance Test, and Dielectric Voltage test.  It offers a multidimensional testing of international standards.

Wise-tech offers wide range of different models of safety testers available, which offers more of a choice.  Plus, the concerned safety testers are user-friendly, thanks to its equipped communication interfaces, and its color LCD, among other things.

Another advantage of Wise-tech’s safety testers include three-time processing capacity, compared to other safety testers available in the market, thereby reducing line takt time in production line.

On a whole, Wise-tech’s safety testers offer a multitude of advantages and capacities, thereby making the testing of electronic equipment much easier, efficient and cheaper.

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