RF Capture & Playback

Test-Free Portable RF Capture & Playback:  The Ultimate Generator

If you have, or work with a communication system, perhaps you are looking for a solution that will allow you to capture radio frequencies.  This device will allow you to record and play in real time, as well as to generate RF signals from the data captured.  Thus, making both field and laboratory experiments more accurate and effective.

Plus, a portable RF capture and playback device provides a solution in the following cases:

  • When it is difficult to create and playback waveforms by means of a general signal generator and/or software.
  • When a wireless equipment is in use, being difficult to adjust the output level and obtaining a stable one.
  • When many base stations are required, a portable RF capture might lower costs of use, as it requires fewer base stations.

Wise-tech’s Test Free Portable RF Capture & Playback device is particularly effective,  most compact and advanced.  It offers coverage of a wide frequency range, as it features a spectrum analyzer device.  Additionally, it allows the performance of the following functions:

  • Real time recording and playing RF bandwidth
  • Software application integration.
  • Satellite signal capturing (specifically designed for the latter function).Designed to capture satellite signals
  • GPS / GLONASS based upon a combination of signal capture and playback

The device’s advantages are noteworthy as well.  It is a highly portable and lightweight device – 600 grams only!  It combines optional applications tailored to RF CATHER platform.  And, finally, this device integrates a test drive and a cover test.

Hence, if you are looking for an integrative solution for capturing radio frequencies and playing them back, Wise-tech’s Test-Free Portable RF Capture & Playback may be the answer for you.

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