Regenerative Source

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Regenerative Source

Working in the electronics industry? Looking for Regenerative Source devices? At WISE TECH, Israel’s leading supplier of power systems to businesses in electronics industry, you will find variety of advanced models of Regenerative Source devices manufactured by Cinergia, which specializes in developing high-tech equipment and systems.

Among the Regenerative Source devices, we distribute, you can find:

  • GE – Grid Emulator series – A dedicated Emulators network designed specifically to simulate network interference. This device incorporates VSC module equipment and DSP control panels and is equipped with all the required power components, including electrical protections, auxiliary electronics and security elements.
  • B2C series – AC / DC converter based on advanced hardware technology that enables two-way power flow from network input to DC output. This device is featuring significant energy savings and, the ability to connect to various interfaces that enable communication with the BMS (battery management system).
  • DCPS – DC – An advanced device that allows you to choose between a two-way and one-way output mode that incorporates an IGBT network that enables consumption of a sinusoidal current with low distortion and high-power factor.

In order to provide you with the most advanced equipment of its kind, we at WISE TECH offer professional consulting by our representative that can introduce you to all the advantages of our Regenerative Source devices.

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