Radio Test Set

Radio Test Set:  Test and Immediate Correction

Generally speaking, the function of a radio test set is to examine the performance of radio systems, by modulating and de-modulating RF (radio frequency) signals.  Radio sets also perform signal processes (nowadays, digitally).

Wise-tech’s radio test set is portable, which constitutes a great advantage, technically and otherwise.  Wise-tech’s radio test set comprises other features as well, which makes working with it more efficient.  Firstly, it  is quite compact, in terms of its dimensions and weight.  Secondly, its battery’s so-called life span is relatively long (over two and a half hours of operation), thereby making the work with the radio test more efficient and consistent.  Plus, it offers a wide measurement range and is highly accurate.

In terms of operation, Wise-tech’s radio test set is capable of testing the following:

  • AM / FM
  • P25
  • P25 Phase II
  • NXDN™
  • dPMR
  • ARIB T98
  • PTC

In addition, Wise-tech’s offers several unique features; external reference of 10MHz, automated test and alignment, new wideband analyzer, color meters (to indicate pass/fail results), multi-languages (English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Malay/Indonesian, Korean, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Japanese, German and French), to name a few.

Based upon the above, it is apparent that our customers are offered an advanced radio test set, which facilitates a thorough testing, thereby allowing an enhanced communication and consistent work, without distraction, whenever relevant, as well as immediate correction of any fault that comes up.

Hence, if you are interested in sound performance of your work, thanks to decent radio communication, consider purchasing Wise-tech’s radio test set.

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