DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply devices offer stability in terms of electric current. In some cases, working with electricity, technology and the likes requires control over speed. Simplicity of work may also be an advantage, particularly nowadays, when technology is constantly changing, becoming advanced and sometimes difficult to follow.


  • Control over the electric current (i.e. the ability to regulate its degree; slow or fast, etc.)
  • Reliable and stable
  • Capable of withstanding conditions as heat and even humidity.
  • Weight reduction
  • High speed
  • Ability to drive inductive or capacitive loads, thereby allowing to set a pre-set memory function.
  • High speed, low noise operation


The devices serve both as a source of power and a sink of power (power absorption). They also support universal AC voltage, also featuring a multi-channel virtual function, variable internal resistance function.

Examples for DC Power Supply Uses

  • Low voltage applications (charging batteries, automative applications, aircraft applications; generally, serves low voltage and low current applications.
  • Portable solar systems
  • Off-grid appliances.
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