DC Electronic Loads

DC Electronic Load provides you with the ability to test and measure a variety of power sources.  DC Electronic Load devices allow the performance of both dynamic and static tests, in order to check whether or not a given device is able to handle either steady currents or occasional, transient load.   It is noteworthy that those devices are highly flexible and may used in AC mode as well.

Functions:  DC Electronic Load is Multifunctional!

  • DC Electronic Load device serves to evaluate batteries and other power supplies; evaluation of battery discharge characteristics.
  • DC Electronic Load device serves manufacturers of power supply, solar, wind and other manufacturers, who wish to thoroughly test their power sources.
  • DC Electronic Load featuring a regenerative function and regenerative power supply is suitable for commercial power system.
  • Testing active and reactive power.

Also, Wise-tech’s DC Electronic Load devices feature a large number of functions, such as; Load on/off; remote sensing, USB keyboard; data logging function, integrated data function, alarm function, saving measurement data , switching function, and many more.  It offers the highest degree of reliability, stability and safety.

DC Electronic Load is mainly used by the electric and hi-tech industry.  Its advantage include compact, lightweight body, high-speed response, high precision and high resolution, variable slew rate, zero (0) v-input, multi-channel system, frame control, parallel operation for increased capacity, sequence function to enable load simulations and external control function and monitoring. Plus, DC Electronic devices are characterized by constant voltage, current and power.

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