Battery & Capacitor Testers

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Battery & Capacitor Testers

Working in the electronics industry? Looking for advanced equipment to charge batteries and capacitor testers? At WISE TECH, Israel’s leading supplier of equipment systems to businesses in electronics industry, you can enjoy a high-quality and advanced variety of equipment systems manufactured by Bitrode, that specializes in the production of an extensive product line of battery and lab testing equipment.

Among the systems manufactured by Bitrode and distributed by us, you can find:

  • FTF-HP – High Power Pack Testing System – an advanced testing system that is considered the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. This system is designed to deliver continuous operations in high power applications where precise current and voltage control is required.
  • LCV Full-Featured Life Cycle Test System – an advanced testing system used for car batteries manufacturing and other industrial needs. The LVC system is featuring high accuracy, flexibility and efficiency; and is therefore considered by many to be the ideal solution for testing while designing high quality batteries.
  • CV – Automotive & Industrial Cycle Testing – Testing equipment adapted to a laboratory equipment and battery network-line. This system was designed, among other things, for work with the Visulcn Lab software.

For more information about our developing and loading batteries and capacitor testers systems, contact our experienced and skilled marketing representatives and get a professional advice on which device most suited for your needs.

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