Solar Emulation Inverter Testing

Solar arrays produce a Direct Current (DC) output. With the non-linear and varied nature of solar arrays, solar inverters require additional controls that standard DC inverters don’t. 

Solar Arrays and How Devices Use Them

Though varied, solar inverters have their benefits including the renewable nature of solar energy. Solar arrays Voltage and currents fluctuate due to factors like temperature and iridescence of the panels. Devices such as converters capitalize on these fluctuations by adjusting for them from their maximum point.

Magna-Power Electronics Advantages

Magna-Power offers a diverse selection of solutions for inverter and emulator testing. Central Inverter Energy Recycling allows Alternating Current (AC) output from inverters to be converted to DC input allowing for power recycling. Given the inconsistent nature of solar energy, this is just one advantage. 

Magna-Power’s Photovoltaic Power Emulation software accurately mimics solar array’s non-linear characteristics and toggles between standard and solar operation for optimal output. They also have one of the most accurate measurements and programs in the industry. 

Harmonic Neutralization is a Magna-Power Electronics’ innovation that allows central inverter testing in multi-megawatts up to 48-pulse waveforms. The High Slew Rate Option (+HS) offers reduced capacitance which uses film capacitor technology rather than standard aluminum electrolytic capacitors allowing more bandwidth and less ripple interference.

Solar Emulation Software

Our Photovoltaic Profile Power Emulation (PPPE) Software creates non-linear voltages and currents according to the EN50530 standard. This allows technicians to test for common disturbances to solar arrays such as temperature and available sunlight. Profiles are sequentially sent to the supply and are data-logged for future reference. They are easy to read with programs like LabView or Visual.

PPPE enables the testing of devices connected to a solar array, creating various sets of circumstances common to solar energy. Emulators such as Magna-Power’s can lead to further consistency with renewable solar energy in the future.