ZES LMG670 1 to 7 Channel Power Analyzer

ZES LMG670 1 to 7 Channel Power Analyzer

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In an electrical circuit, the mixing of different signals can give inaccurate results. For quality power-testing, one needs to perform the tests in a dual fashion - first with, then without filtering. Amidst this hassle, the ZES LMG670 1 to 7 Channel Power Analyzer manages to save the day. It is the first power analyzer to have two A/D converters in two independent signal paths for each current and voltage channel. Let’s have a look at its revolutionary features:

  • Dual-Path Architecture: An ingenious technology that prevents the aliasing of signals. It also lets you simultaneously measure narrow-and broadband values.
  • Simultaneous Capturing of fundamental frequency and broadband RMS values: Instantaneously detects losses and resp. high-frequency components.
  • 7-Frequency Synchronization and Flicker Measurement:  Synchronizable for up to 7 different frequencies and detects voltage fluctuations for better readings.
  • Flexible Scripting Tools and Simultaneous Measurement: Custom applications come with flexible scripting tools for smoother operation. Also, you can simultaneously measure V, I, P values & harmonics to make sure that you’re in complete command of the procedure.
The Dual-Path Architecture is the true game-changer here. ZES LMG670 harnesses this cutting-edge tech to avoid all the pitfalls of conventional analyzers. Be it costs, time or energy, the system has optimized it all. It’s time to switch gears from your old-school power analyzers!
Measurement Channels
  • Outstanding accuracy of 0.015% of measured value + 0.01% of range
  • Full dynamic range of 500 µA to 32 A / 3 mV to 1000 V per channel available in single instrument
  • Power measurements from standby to full load (max. 32 A) without mechanical changes
  • Analog bandwidth DC up to 10 MHz
  • Modular configuration with 1 to 7 power measurement channels (alternatively 6 channels + 1 I/O card)
  • Gapless sampling up to 18 bit and a minimal cycle time of 30 ms
  • Delay time between V and I input < 3ns, very precise measurements at small power factors (PF) and/or high frequencies

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  • Simultaneous measurement of narrow- and broadband values through innovative DualPath architecture
  • Simultaneous capturing of fundamental frequency and broadband RMS values for instantaneous detection of losses, resp. high-frequency components
  • Harmonics and interharmonics up to 2000. order, as required by EN61000-4-7
  • With optional I/O card speed/torque inputs freely configurable for all signal types (analogue, frequency as RS422,TTL or HTL) via menu
  • Flexible scripting tool for custom applications
  • Simultaneous measurement of V, I, P values and harmonics, presentation in tabular or graphical form
  • Signal filters freely configurable by frequency, type and characteristics
  • Synchronization to up to 7 different frequencies simultaneously
  • Flicker measurement, interactions between grid and appliance according to EN61000-4-15

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