ZES LMG500 1 to 8 Channel Power Analyzer

ZES LMG500 1 to 8 Channel Power Analyzer

ZES Zimmer

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LMG500 1 zes orbitslider

Multiphase Precision Power Meter LMG500

TFT-Color-Display, Basic unit with printer- and RS232-interface, Scope- and Plotfunction, bench-type instrument, upgradable up to 8 measuring channels, best accuracy 0,025%; DC, 0,1 Hz....10 MHz
Measuring inputs and ranges:
Voltage directly 3/6/12.5/25/60/130/250/400/600/1000 Vtrms; 3200 Vpk
Voltage sensor input 30 m/ 60 m/ 120 m/ 250 m/ 500 m, 1/ 2/ 4 Vtrms; 8 Vpk
Current directly 20 m/ 40 m/ 80 m/ 150 m/ 300 m/ 600 m/ 1.2/ 2.5/ 5/ 10/ 20/ 32 Atrms; 120 Apk
Current sensor input 30 m/ 60 m/ 120 m/ 250 m/ 500 m/ 1/ 2/ 4 Vtrms; 8 Vpk
HF current directly 150 m/ 300 m/ 600 m/ 1.2 Atrms; 2.6 Apk

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Best for measurements on inverters, switching power supplies, lightings and switched power electronics with short pulse duration <100ns
1 to 8 power channels
Isolated measurement inputs with extremely low capacitance and highest dynamics CMR and interference immunity
3MSamples/s continuously gap free measuring process
Harmonic and interharmonic analysis up to 99th harmonic resp. up to 99 interharmonics
Analog and digital in/outputs
Additional inputs for current sensors
Auto-scaling current sensors compensated in phase and amplitude
PC interfaces
Graphical colour display to show measured values, wave form, diagrams of calculated values, bar charts and vector diagrams (fresnel diagrams)
Ergonomic user friendly interface
Formula editor
LabVIEW driver

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