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The Innovative simulator to output ECG and PPG analog signals simultaneously. Adjustable time difference parameters to generate various Pulse Wave Transit Time (PWTT) signals. Standard Coverage: IEC 60601-2-47, China YY0885. Applicable for R&D, compliance and production line testing

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  • Compatible with healthcare wearables with ECG and PPG technologies.
  • AECG100 includes ECG module of built-in test circuits with auto-select switches per ECG standard required and PPG module of carrying single channel or dual channel optical signals.
  • AECG100 single channel PPG module offers optical waveforms simulating heart rate signals and dual channel PPG module offers optical waveforms simulating SPO2 signals.
  • Exclusive adjustable PWTT parameters allows user to improve the blood pressure measurement algorithm effectively.
  • Test parameters can be saved and loaded as a series of customized test sequences to decrease labor time and prevent from human negligence.
  • Raw-data playback reproduces and repeats precious recorded waveforms from clinical trials in a easy way.
  • AECG Assistant software pack helps user to proceed IEC and YY standard tests by clicking a few mouse clicks.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) allows user to develop customized and automatic test program with less efforts.

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