Omicron VOTANO 100

Omicron VOTANO 100

Voltage transformer testing, calibration and assessment


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Solution Type: Power Transformer, CT and VT testing
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VOTANO 100 is the first portable device (15 kg/33 lbs) which offers highly accurate voltage transformer tests. This allows to use VOTANO 100 not only for electrical performance checks, but also for class verification and calibration. It performs quick tests of all kinds of inductive voltage transformers (VTs) and capacitive voltage transformers (CVTs) for both protection and metering purposes. Its light-weight design makes it ideal for on-site tests and calibration tasks in power system grids. As a manufacturer or testing lab you can use VOTANO 100 in your production facilities and test/development labs. The voltage booster VBO2 provides the test voltage during the ratio measurement. Its integrated switchbox automatically switches between the necessary test sequences.

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For voltage transformer testing (VT/CVT):
    • Check the electrical performance of VTs and CVTs
    • Check the condition of VTs and CVTs
    • Basic condition assessment for CVTs
    • Tests such as ratio, phase, polarity, capacitive ratio
  Additionally, for voltage transformer accuracy verification and calibration (VT/CVT):
  • Verify accuracy class according to IEC, IEEE
  • Test of VTs/CVTs up to rated voltages and voltage factors up to 1.9
  • Class assessment
  • Accuracy classes up to 0.1 for VTs and 0.2 for CVTs


  • Determination of VT ratio and phase angle accuracy for each single secondary winding
    • considering different nominal voltage values
    • considering different burden values
    • under and without load (of the remaining secondary windings)
  • Determination of VT ratio and phase angle accuracy for different voltage levels
  • VT winding resistance measurement of secondary windings
  • Determination of magnetization characteristics
  • Leakage reactance measurement
  • Automatic assessment of results regarding class accuracy in compliance with pre-defined IEC and IEEE standards
  • Class verification of VTs with up to 5 secondary windings can be done within one measurement cycle (including open delta winding)
  • Burden measurements

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