Magna-Power DC Supply TS Series

Magna-Power DC Supply TS Series

5 kW to 45 kW


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Solution Type: DC Power Supply
ts matrix

Magna-Power Electronics TS Series provides a wide voltage and current range while still maintaining among the highest power density rack-mount packaging. The TS Series IV covers voltages from 5 Vdc up to 4000 Vdc (floating) and current levels from 1.2 Adc up to 2700 Adc. Models 5 kW to 15 kW are available in a 3U chassis, models 20 kW to 30 kW are available in a 6U chassis, and 45 kW models are available in a 9U chassis.

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  • High Frequency IGBT-based Switch-Mode Design

  • Fully Programmable Power

  • Broad Voltage-Current Range, Consistent Controls

  • Designed for Safety

  • Scalable Master-Slave Operation

  • Extensive Programming Support and Included Software


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