Test-Tree DiviCatch RF-S/S2

Test-Tree DiviCatch RF-S/S2

DVB-S/S2 Professional RF Receiver


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Solution Type: Satellite Monitoring
DiviCatch RF SS2 cross 3 600x600

The most complete (RF down to the Video) & compact (160g) analyzer for DVB-S/S2

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  • 4-in-1 product: RF + Baseband + Recorder + Player
  • Compact (pocket size, 160 g) and USB self-powered
  • Allows antenna LNB powering & configuration
  • All modulation schemes supported (from QPSK to 32APSK)
  • CCM, VCM, ACM modes supported
  • Analyze/Validate MPEG-2 TS/T2-MI Layer in real-time
  • A must-have Lab Tool

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