T3 Power Prowler™

T3 Power Prowler™

3-In-One DMM/TDR Cable Fault Finder for Energized or Unenergized Cables


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power prowler t3

The Power Prowler™ multi-function time-domain reflectometry (TDR) cable fault finder can identify faulty cables and has the ability to accurately measure the distance to the fault. The Power Prowler can be used on energized or un-energized cables and is suitable for AC and DC voltages up to 600 volts and incorporates a Live Event Detection function that’s ideal for pinpointing intermittent faults.
The digital multimeter function measures AC and DC voltages, impedance and continuity. A special low impedance function (LoZ) function is available to eliminate ghost voltages caused by EMI interference from associated equipment and drives.
The easy-to-use Power Prowler is supplied with a convenient hanging pouch, cable leads, a range of connectors and has a bright, easy-to-read, full-color screen. Additional optional cable accessories can be ordered separately.

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Cable Fault Detection
  • Identify shorts and open circuits using time-domain reflectometry (TDR)
  • Measure distance to fault and total cable length
  • Selectable velocity of propagation (VOP) feature, including library of common cables
  • VOP calibration feature
  • Cable and fault information shows on screen
  • Hold function to retain information for further use
Live Event Detection
  • Monitor cables for intermittent faults
  • Automatically stop test once fault identified
  • Retain information on screen until cleared
  • Time stamp the fault
  • Selectable VOP
Digital Multimeter
  • True AC RMS voltage measurement up to 600 volts at frequencies between DC and 1 KHz, 10 MΩ input impedance
  • DC voltage measurement from 0-600 volts, 10 MΩ input impedance
  • Auto AC/DC LoZ voltage measurement with low (1 kΩ) input impedance to eliminate ghost voltages caused by EMI
  • Resistance measurement
  • Continuity testing
  • Manual and auto ranging
  • Maximum and minimum voltage measurement
Other Features
  • Three selectable languages: English, Spanish and French
  • Soft keys for increased versatility

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