T3 Net Chaser Ethernet Speed Certifier

T3 Net Chaser Ethernet Speed Certifier

Test & Speed Certify Ethernet Network Cables to 1 GB

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Solution Type: Network Tester
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The Net Chaser™ Ethernet Speed Certifier offers a complete solution to test and speed certify the data-carrying capabilities of Ethernet network cables up to 1 Gb/s by testing for noise in the network, detecting faults in the cable wiring, and ensuring that cables are able to support the speed capabilities of active equipment.

  • Speed Certification to IEEE standards 802.3
  • Cable testing to TIA568A/B
  The NetChaser’s advanced discovery gives the clearest vision of network layout and interfaces between active components like servers, switches, routers, etc. All the information is collected, stored, and ready for reporting.
  • Pings specific IPs or URL addresses
  • DHCP
  • Traceroute
  • VLAN

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