T3 Arc Chaser™ Testing & Monitoring TDR

T3 Arc Chaser™ Testing & Monitoring TDR

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21st Century Dual Mode TDR for Testing and Monitoring Energized and Unenergized Cables

The Arc Chaser Dual Mode TDR is capable of finding faults (Opens, Shorts, Arc Faults) on fully energized cables up to 600 Volts. Arc Chaser can monitor live cables for intermittent conditions, capturing these “events” and reporting where and when they occur. Using advanced Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR), Arc Chaser is capable of accuracy to fault of better than 1%.
  • Works on both energized or unenergized cables Discover cable events which can only be shown under load
  • Monitors intermittent arc faults, opens and shorts Find faults caused by vibration that are otherwise hidden
  • Shows results in graphical or text format Clear and simple view of faults
  • Saves reports, transferrable to PCs for storage, and printing Maintain history of information
  • Cable fault finding Easily verify quality of entire cable length
  • Tone generation Signal tracing of cables
  • Cable Test Setup Walks users through cable test setup
  • Self-calibrates to maintain accuracy over time or due to environmental change No metrology calibration required
  • English or Metric Measurements International applications
  • 600V Category II Meets full international requirements for working on energized cables.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack 8-10 hours of battery power in the field

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