Surge (Hybrid) generators

Surge (Hybrid) generators

Surge (Hybrid) generators

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Surge pulses occur due to direct or indirect lightning strikes in a circuit or by switching transients caused by switching inductive loads or short circuits. This leads to currents or electromagnetic fields causing high voltage or current transients. Surge voltages and currents can reach several thousands of volts and thousands of amperes. Our following Surge generators simulate these disturbances for all the necessary level in accordance with IEC / EN 61000-4-5 and IEC / EN 60060:
 CWG-CE5 5KV, 2.5KA
PG 7-250 7KV, 3.5KA
PG 10-504 10KV, 5KA
PG 12-804 12KV, 6KA
PG 24-2K5 24KV, 12KA

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  • Voltage: 5 kV
  • Waveform: 1,2/50 µs
  • Current: 2.5 kA
  • Waveform: 8/20 µs
  • Energy: 120 J
  • 1-Ph. Coupling network

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