Sonel PQM 700

Sonel PQM 700

Power Quality Analyzer


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Sonel PQM700f

The analyzer provides comprehensive measurements of power quality parameters in class S, in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30, which guarantees high accuracy of results. Even when the temperature reaches -20ºC, the measurements are reliable and the device operation is stable - all thanks to the built-in heater. Thanks to the internal battery, the analyzer does not turn off after a power failure, but maintains recording - up to 6 hours. Data is recorded on a removable 2 GB memory card. Logs can be downloaded using a USB connection or using an external reader. Then they can be analyzed in free Sonel Analysis software.

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  • 4 current inputs, physical measurement of current in the neutral conductor.
  • Registration of up to 1100 parameters, including average, maximum, minimum and instantaneous values.
  • Built-in heater, stable operation at low temperatures down to -20ºC.
  • Internal rechargeable battery, autonomy of the meter (min. 6 hours).
  • IP65 ingress protection, possibility of work in rain, snow and high humidity.

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