Sonel PAT-10

Sonel PAT-10

Portable Appliance Tester


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Solution Type: Safety of Electrical Equipment
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The innovative combination of small dimensions (full portability of the device) with advanced measuring systems allow to carry out fully automated measurements for electrical equipment, IEC cables and extension cords (including those with PRCD). The set of tests is performed with one click of START button. Configuration options of the meter allow you to modify the operation of the device, and thus, tailor it to the needs of the user. In situations, where it is necessary to perform simple and single measurement, without the need to do complex measurement procedure, Pat Sonel allow you to work in a single measurement mode of a given type (ie. Manual). All meters in this series (Pat) also allow you to make basic measurements without external power in emergency situations i.e. in the absence of the power one can easily run a simplified set of test in a battery mode. Small size, weight, and specially designed carrying case of the meter and accessories provide comfort and high mobility. Wireless communication with a printer enables organization of the working site without the hassle of unnecessary cables. Storage and integration of the results in PC software further extends the functionality of the instrument.


  • led test results indication
  • quick access to the measurement procedures,
  • measurement of protective conductor resistance with the currents: 200 mA, 10 A ,
  • measurement of insulation resistance,
  • PRCD trip time testing,
  • measurement of equivalent, touch and differential leakage current,
  • IEC lead test,
  • measurement of mains voltage,
  • internal results memory,
  • automatic measurement range selection,
  • compact design, ergonomic soft case,
  • works with the program Sonel Reader and Sonel PAT (option).

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