Sonel MRU-30

Sonel MRU-30

Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meter


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Solution Type: Earth Resistance and Resistivity
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The Sonel MRU-30 uses most known methods of earth resistance measurements. Tests can be performed using the 3-pole, 4-pole, 3-pole with auxiliary clamp and also, additionally, the MRU-30 employs the two clamp method of measurement, without the use of auxiliary test rods which can't be used in some situations. Complementary features of the MRU-30 are measurements of soil resistivity, continuity measurement of protective and equipotential conductors and, using clamps, leakage currents and interference voltages.

  • Robust and weatherproof (IP65) - no ingress of dust, water protected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction.
  • Ergonomic casing - small and handy casing to make the measurements more convenient than before.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery - saving time to replace flat batteries; can be recharged from Power Bank and Cigarette Lighter Socket!
  • Clear on-screen notes - displayed on screen before and after the measurement to alert user of possible dangers and irregularities.
  • Many measurement methods available in a small, portable casing.

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It allows to take the measurements of:

  • earthing resistance using auxiliary electrodes,
  • earthing resistance using auxiliary electrodes and clamp (for measurements of multiple earthing),
  • earthing resistance using double clamps (for measurement of earthing when it is impossible to use auxiliary electrodes),
  • ground resistivity (Wenner method),
  • continuity of equipotential bondings and protective
  • conductors (meeting the requirements IEC 60364) with auto-zero function – with current 200mA.


  • measurement of resistance of auxiliary electrodes RS and RH,
  • measurement of interference voltage,
  • measurement in the presence of interference voltage in the power network
  • with frequency 50Hz, 60Hz,
  • selection of maximum measuring voltage (25V and 50V),
  • introducing the distance between the electrodes for the resistivity in metres (m) and feet (ft),
  • memory of 990 measurements (10 banks of 99 cells each),
  • calibration of clamp used,
  • data transmission to the computer (USB),
  • indication of battery state.

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