Sonel MPI-530

Sonel MPI-530

Multifunction electrical instalations meter


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Solution Type: Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter
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MPI-530 meter is a multi-functional instrument for electric shock protection measurements including the option of various methods for measuring earthing and earthing resistance. Additionally the meter enables its user to analyse power supply parameters, records and displays them on its screen. The instrument automatically measures the insulation resistance in a socket and in 3 -, 4 - and 5-wire cables when used with AutoISO-1000C adapter. Measurement results may be continuously verified, depending on user’s demand or according to binding regulations. Memory of the instrument may store tens of thousands of measurements allowing users to store them in a structure of a protocol and describe individual measurement points.   Multifunction electrical instalations meter

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 Measurement of short circuit loop impedance:
  • impedance measurement with resolution 0,001 Ω and 23 A current (44 A phase-to-phase) - short-circuit resistor RZW=10 Ω,
  • measurement range: 95...440 V, frequency 45...65 Hz,
  • measurement of short circuit loop impedance with resolution 0,01 Ω, in protected systems without tripping the RCD’s with IΔn ≥ 30 mA,
  • automatic calculation of short-circuit current, differentiating between phase-to-phase and phase-to-neutral voltage,
  • measurements using UNI-Schuko plug with measurement triggering  button (also when L and N leads are exchangeable) or 1,2 m, 5 m, 10 m, 20 m test leads, with optional use of  3-phase socket adapters (AGT),
  • selection of installation protections and automatic evaluation of measurements results.
Tests of residual current devices (RCD), types AC, A, F, B and B+:
  • measurement of general, short-time delay and selective RCD’s with rated residual current of 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 mA,
  • automatic measurement of all RCD parameters (when the START button is pressed, the meter performs the whole measurement cycle, including the.
L-PE short circuit loop impedance measurement with 15 mA current),
  • user selected waveform of forced leakage current: sinusoidal (start from increasing or decreasing edge), unidirectional pulsating (positive or negative), unidirectional pulsating with DC bias (positive and negative), direct (positive and negative),
  • measurement of tripping current IA using the ramp current,
  • measurement of tripping time tA at  ½IΔn, 1IΔn, 2IΔn and 5IΔn ,
  • measurement of touch voltage UB and protective conductor resistance RE without the RCD tripping,
  • detection that L and N conductors are switched in the socket; will not affect the measurement,
  • measurement of tripping current  IA and actual tripping time tAI at single activation of RCD,
  • measurement for 95...270 V voltage.
Insulation resistance measurements:
  • test voltage values: 50 V, 100 V,  250 V,  500 V  and 1000 V,
  • insulation resistance measurements up to 10 GΩ,
  • in-socket measurements using the UNI-Schuko adapter,
  • meter is protected against voltage on the tested object and voltage appearing during the measurement,
  • auto-discharge of the object after the measurement,
  • automatic measurement of all resistance combinations in three-, four- and five core leads using the additional AutoISO-1000C adapter,
  • acoustic signalling of five-second periods to enable determining the time profile during the insulation resistance measurements.
Low-voltage resistance measurement of equipotential and protective bonding:
  • continuity measurement  of protective conductor with  ≥200 mA current in both directions,
  • low current measurement  with sound signal,
  • autocalibration of test leads – leads of any length can be used.
Earth resistance measurements:
  • measurement with 3- and 4-pole methods with 2 additional electrodes,
  • measurement with the 3-pole method with and additional clamp,
  • measurement with 2-clamp method.
Soil resistivity measurements. Illuminance measurements. Quick check of PE connection correctness. Measurement and recording of voltage, frequency, AC, cosφ and power (active,reactive and apparent), voltage and current harmonics up to 40,  THD. Checking reactive phase sequence and motor direction of rotation. Innovative memory with possibility of description of: measurement points, facilities, names of customers. Power supply from rechargeable of disposable batteries (optional) The meter conforms to EN 61557. Measurement of short circuit loop impedance ZL-PE, ZL-N, ZL-L Test current: 23/40 A; measuring range acc. to IEC 61557: 0,13...1999,9 Ω

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