Sonel MMR-6500

Sonel MMR-6500

100A Microohmmeter


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Solution Type: Micro-Ohm Meter
Sonel MMR 6500 Lm

The MMR-6500 digital meter is designed for measuring low resistances with a stabilized current of up to 100 A. The use of test clamps enables the safe measurement of breakers (high-, medium- and low voltage), isolators and other components earthed on both sides. The MMR-6500 series meters are equipped with a unique module in their class that measures inductive components which have a current of up to 10 A, enabling the winding resistance of motors, transformers and other inductive components to be measured. Another useful function is the temperature measurement and the automatic compensation of results with relation to the measured temperature or temperature set by the user. The system is completed with a recorder function. Special measuring algorithms and additional functions allow an appropriate measuring method to be chosen depending on the measured component and measurement conditions, thus, widening the application areas of the meter. The state-of-the-art user interface, various communication interfaces, wireless communication and communication with the computer, printer, 2D code reader are integrals features which enable full, comfortable and intuitive management of not only measurements and their results but also ID data of measured components. Key features of the instrument:

  • resistance measurement of:
    • switch and contactor contacts, HV breakers, including those earthed on both sides,
    • fuses,
    • screw joints,
    • weld joints,
    • equipotential bonding's,
    • contacts,
    • cable connections,
    • heating element connections,
    • rail joints,
    • conductors and cables,
    • windings (motors, transformers, etc.)
    • low-resistance coils,
    • soldered joints,
    • grounding conductors,
    • home and industrial systems,
  • voltage drop indication,
  • temperature measurement,
  • clamps for current leakage measurement,
  • working with a printer and 2D code reader,
  • Touch screen offering a clear display,
  • battery charge monitoring,
  • ergonomic operation,
  • protection against overheating.

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  • Measurements of resistive objects with current up to 100/200 A
  • Measurements of induction objects up to 10 A
  • Measurements of objects earthed on both sides (i.e.main joints of HV switches)
  • Measurement with one- or both-way current flow
  • High immunity to outside interference
  • Measurements temperature of windings
  • Automatic compensation temperature of objects measured
  • A state of art interface with a touch screen and expanded memory
  • Cooperation with a printer and a 2D barcode reader
  • WiFi, USB and LAN communication
  • IP 67
  • It can work in an environment where electromagnetic interferences of 400 kV occur

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