Sonel CMP-3kR

Sonel CMP-3kR

AC digital clamp meter with data logger


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Solution Type: Clamp Meters
Sonel CMP-3kR

The Sonel CMP-3kR is an innovative AC current clamp meter which combines technically advanced solutions and functions, exhibited by the wide measuring range. The CMP-3kR digital AC/DC clamp meter is equipped with flexible clamps with a diameter of 160 mm and a cable length of up to 170 cm. This makes operating the device much simpler and safer. It also has a bracket on the back of the case for hanging it on a hook or magnetic instrument hanger. With Sonel Multimeter Mobile application installed, one can read off and analyze data wirelessly via Bluetooth interface. This small, specialized instrument incorporates a built-in recorder with RTC that can record currents for 24 hours with a recording frequency of 1 second.

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  • Attachable flexible clamp
  • Wireless communication
  • Robust design
  • Extended measurements
  • Current logger

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