Sonel CMP-200

Sonel CMP-200

Digital Clamp-on AC leakage current meter


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Solution Type: Clamp Meters
Sonel CMP 200

Sonel CMP-200 Clamp Meter is designed for leakage current measurement which allows to: • Detect faults, • Prevent damage, • Control the work of machines and devices. Main field of application of this device are measurement of earth leakage current which may cause excessive tripping out RCDs. The rubber coating prevents the device from slipping from the hand when working also with gloves. The backlit display allows reading results even in dark areas.

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The CMP-200 digital clamp meter has been designed for clamp measurements of AC leakage current.
AC current measurement up to 200 A.
  • high resolution (0,1 mA),
  • three measuring ranges: 200 mA, 2 A, 200 A.
The most important features of CMP-200 are:
  • display LCD 3½ digits (max 1999),
  • white LED backlight,
  • internal diameter clamp approx. 30 mm (1,2"),
  • DATA HOLD function, for holding measured values.
  • MAX function,
  • AUTO-OFF function,
  • double molded casing.

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