Sonel CMM-40 Digital Multimeter

Sonel CMM-40 Digital Multimeter


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Solution Type: Digital MultiMeters > Portable
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Industrial multimeter CMM-40 was designed for the purpose of measurements of

AC/DC voltage,

AC/DC current,



Frequency (electrical and electronic),

Duty cycle,


Testing diodes and continuity.

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  • autoranging/manual range selection,
  • „DATA HOLD” function, for holding measured values,
  • „REL” function, which allows you to make measurements relative to a stored reference value,
  • „MAX/MIN” function,
  • „PEAK HOLD” function,
  • memory for 2000 measurement resultS,
  • continuity test with acoustic signalling (beeper),
  • „AUTO-OFF” function,
  • display 4¾ digits (40000 max),
  • double molded, waterproof casing.

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