Sonel CMM-30

Sonel CMM-30

Digital MultiMeter


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The CMM-30 model is a device from a new generation of industrial multimeters that combines versatility, modernity and extraordinary durability. 11 basic measurement functions together with additional functions  provide wide range of application. Smart phone app enables remote reading and saving measurements even from places with difficult access thanks to wireless communication. Backlight automatically adjusts the brightness level of the screen and the control panel to the prevailing conditions, while the built-in flashlight allows to work in the dark. The innovative design combines drop protection, IP67 casing and ease of use, even with dielectric gloves. This device is created for electricians who value quality and innovation.

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  • Visibility in all conditions
  • Unique design
  • Multifunctionality
  • Wireless communication
  • Safety and comfort

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