PSL PQube 3 Class A Power Quality Analyzer

PSL PQube 3 Class A Power Quality Analyzer

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World's Best Power Quality Recorder!
The only Class A instrument certified for the new-for-2015 Edition 3 of IEC Standard 61000-4-30. 512 samples per cycle, sags/dips, swells, interruptions, voltage and current harmonics, Flicker IEC 61000-4-15 Class F1, RVC - Rapid voltage changes, 2kHz-150kHz emissions recorder, 4 MHz HF impulse recorder, and much more...

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IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3, and more! Class A Power Quality Analyzer Ultra-precise Revenue Grade Class 0.2 Energy Meter Simultaneous AC and DC recording Advanced Environment Sensors World's Smallest & Most Precise Micro Synchrophasorfor Naval research. Learn more!

for Naval research. Learn more!

Semiconductor tools

Your PQube 3 increases reliability, and decreases services costs, in 300mm and 450mm tools. Detect every power disturbance that can disrupt or damage your tool, including sags beyond SEMI F47. Use your PQube 3's ultra-precise power flow measurements to predict failures in copy-exact tools. Your PQube 3 even sends you an email when your precision tool is accidentally bumped by an operator, or hit by a small earthquake, affecting your precision alignments!

MRI and medical equipment

Include a PQube 3 in your MRI design, and your service department automatically receives emails when the clinic or hospital power deviates from your specs - a common problem in developing countries, especially if room cooling is operated from the same power source. And in mobile applications, your PQube 3 triggers and records any bumps that could affect your magnet, or temperature/humidity excursions that affect your precision electronics.

Data Centers - AC (and 380V DC!)

Use a PQube 3 to track the quality of incoming utility power and your own conditioned power, to demonstrate the value of your UPS and PDU's. If you have a new 380V DC data center, use your PQube 3's unique ability to monitor both AC and 380V DC disturbances, and to track both AC and DC power flow. Your PQube will also record everything from temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and even earthquakes - it's like an aircraft's "black box" for data center reliability, and it's as easy to use as a digital camera.

Telecom and Base Stations

Your standard, inexpensive PQube 3 tracks disturbances on both AC and -48VDC power -- no options required! -- and reports precision power flow on both systems. Use your PQube 3's barometric pressure sensors to detect clogged air filters. At shared power locations, you can even use your PQube 3 many AC current channels as precision revenue meters.

Shipboard power

Your low-cost PQube 3 functions like an aircraft's "black box" for shipboard power, recording everything from sags to impulses to generator frequency at high resolution. It uses the ship's email system to send you straightforward graphs of the events and trends - no software required. In addition to ambient temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, you can even use a PQube 3's EnviroSensor® to record the ship's pitch and roll - think of the applications!

Large HVAC commissioning, and service

Your low-cost PQube 3's ultra-precise AC power recording -- better than the most accurate revenue meters available -- coupled with its two EnviroSensors® for temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, and its four ą10V channels that monitor your own preferred air-flow sensors, make it the best available instrument for commissioning and servicing large HVAC systems. Choose the portable package, and you'll be able to remotely monitor the performance of any HVAC system from the comfort of your browser and your email inbox, with no software required. Or you can even use your mobile phone!

Aircraft power, and Airports

Standard low-cost PQube 3's all monitor 400 Hz power -- no options required! -- for both single-phase and three-phase aircraft systems. And PQube 3's can simultaneously record disturbances on DC battery voltages and currents, at more than 30,000 samples per second on every cross-triggered channel. All of the recordings are stored on industrial-grade micro-SD card memory in open-source files, and can be extracted with a standard USB thumb drive. And at airports, government agencies often use PQubes to monitor critical power infrastructure, like backup generators, to document that they have been operated under load, and on the proper test schedule.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Use your inexpensive PQube 3 to demonstrate that your manufacturing AC power is smooth and consistent to guarantee quality of product. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers even use the PQube 3's X-Y-Z accelerometer recordings to monitor crushing/rolling machinery. And the PQube 3 is an excellent instrument for monitoring ambient temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure (which, at extremes, can affect certain types of automated pill packaging). All reports are automatically emailed to you by the PQube 3 itself - no software required.

Large power plant stability

Use a standard PQube 3 as an ultra-precise remote monitor of power flows, frequency, and disturbances, recorded at up to 4 million samples per second; or move up to research-grade measurements (ą0.0002%, with ą0.000001 second time-stamps) with the ARPA-E micro-PMU version of PQube 3 firmware. Either way, you get full remote access to all of your data, all in open-source file formats. It's perfect for understanding stability issues at large power plants, as the characteristics of the grid keep changing.

Distribution stability

The PQube 3 is the standard instrument for researching stability issues on distribution grids. The U.S. Department of Energy's ARPA-E project is the gold standard - you can use a PQube 3, loaded with its ARPA-E micro-PMU firmware and calibration to monitor everything from impedances, to grid reconfiguration, to stability issues related to PV inverters, even to detect cyber attacks on substations. Learn more!

Solar inverters

The low-cost PQube 3 has the unique ability to simultaneously monitor the DC bus voltage and currents and make ultra-precise, better-than-revenue-grade measurements of the AC output bus; and, simultaneously, measure ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and solar irradiance using your preferred sensor. You get absolutely complete measurements for efficiency of your panel array, and efficiency of your inverter. And you get full documentation, complete with NIST-traceable measurements, that your inverter is complying with appropriate harmonic regulations, and response-to-voltage-disturbance regulations. And it will even email you daily reports of your inverter's performance!

Wind turbine nacelles

Your low-cost PQube 3 is the perfect remote meter for almost everything in a wind turbine nacelle: NIST-trace ultra-precise better-than-revenue-grade measurements of both AC and DC power, recorded at 30,000 samples per second, and four ą10V channels for sensors like blade angle, rotor speed, wind speed, and more. Simultaneously, your PQube 3 records ambient temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure (important for understanding any changes in rotor energy efficiency), and can even use its X-Y-Z accelearometers to record your nacelle's mechanical acceleration spectra as it vibrates in the air stream, or oscillates with a bird-strike on a blade. Access almost 2,000 ModBus meters inside each PQube 3, or wait for it to email you. Learn more!

Government and University Research

Government laboratories and universities around the world use the PQube 3 as their AC power research instrument of choice. Why? The measurements from PQube 3's are fully certified -- each PQube 3 comes with an individual NIST-Trace Certificate, and is U.L.-listed -- and are entirely in open-source file formats, ideal for researchers. And the precision and accuracy of the low-cost PQube 3 are only exceeded by laboratory reference instruments. Learn more!

Railroads and Transport

Your low-cost PQube 3 can serve like an aircraft's "black box" for your railroad power -- it captures every disturbance. Standard PQube 3's can monitor 16.7 Hz systems, as well as 50 Hz and 60 Hz -- no options required. And you can even use it for clever functions like monitoring the power signature of rail switch motors, which can help predict mechanical failures and motor failures before they happen! Everything your PQube 3 records is available in open-source files, and your PQube 3 will email the files directly to your desk - no software required. It's the smallest, simplest, most certified power instrument available. Learn more!

Electric vehicle charging

EV chargers can be damaged or disrupted by power disturbances all over the world. Your PQube 3 is the ideal "aircraft black box" for recording every type of power disturbance, logging the waveforms, and emailing them to you. Or you can extract them with a standard USB thumb drive - in either case, no software is required. You can even use your low-cost PQube 3 to record DC voltages and currents - 30,000 samples per second is standard -- providing independent confirmation of charger performance, and cross-triggered DC disturbances. Records temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, earthquakes, and mechanical jolts, too. Learn more!

Military: bases and ships

A low-cost PQube 3 is the ideal AC power monitor for military bases. It detects and records every type of power disturbance at 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz; monitors how well the grid switches to backup generators, and how well it switches back; and it keeps recording even if it gets disconnected from the base's ethernet backbone. It's like an aircraft "black box" for AC power. On board Navy ships, it monitors both shipboard power and shore power, with better-than-revenue-grade accuracy and full NIST-certification. On modern advanced DC-powered ships, the PQube 3 is fully capable of recording and reporting disturbances on multiple high-voltage DC buses. Perfect for Naval research. Learn more!

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