PLZ-5WH2 Series

PLZ-5WH2 Series

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Solution Type: DC Electronic Loads
plz 5wh2

Compact High Voltage DC Electronic Load (CC/CR/CV/CP/ARB) : 5 Models

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Outline The PLZ-5WH2 high power DC electronic load series is where durable, reliable ingenuity meets multifunctional and high power design. Providing 5 variety of power range line-ups, from 1 kW bench top style model to high power model that can sink up to 20 kW of power in a single unit. Possible to easily selects applicable power range depends on the load. Load simulation can be achieved faster than ever before thanks to the reliable, high speed design of the PLZ-5WH current control circuits. Accurate current measures can be made with extremely high setting resolution. A color LCD display allows for highly visible, user-friendly front panel operation. RS232C, USB, and LAN digital interfaces are included as standard for simple integration into any system. Operation Modes The following five operation modes are available on the PLZ-5WH2. In addition, available to set in operation modes other than CV mode, the “UVPL*” setting keep the voltage less than UVP setting by controlling the current and the “UVPT” setting loads off by applying a current to reach the target setting voltage. Other Feartures
  • Load On/Off
  • Cutoff Function
  • Changing the Response Speed
  • Soft Start
  • Data Logging Function
  • Integrated Data Function
  • Saving Measurement Data
  • Pulse Function
  • Sine Function
  • Sequence Function
  • Alarm Function
  • ABC Preset Memories
  • Setup Memory
  • External Control
  • Current and Voltage Monitor
  • USB Keyboard
  • Synchronized Operation
  • Remote Sensing

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