Kikusui DC Load PLZ-5W Series

Kikusui DC Load PLZ-5W Series

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Solution Type: DC Electronic Loads
plz 5w

Multifunctional DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/CP) The PLZ-5W Series high performance electronic load is the successor to the highly respected PLZ-4W series, whilst still retaining the same high specification and build quality. Advances include a high visibility color display, low voltage operation from a minimum of 1 V to a maximum of 150 V. Programmable profiles of voltage/current can be applied (using the new ARB function, as used in LED/solar testing) in addition to the inherited 6 modes of operation: Constant Current, Constant Resistance, Constant Voltage, Constant Power, Constant Current + Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance + Constant Voltage. Equipped with a high-speed response feature boasting a maximum slew rate of 60 A/μs (PLZ1205W) and a minimum setting resolution of 10 μA (PLZ205W). Additional features of the PLZ-5W series include: Soft-start function, variable slew rate, selectable response (CV/CR mode), switching function, ABC preset memory, 20 user-defined set-up configurations, and a sequence operation function. The advanced high-speed response makes the PLZ-5W ideal for the development and testing of today's modern power supplies that require variable high-speed current changes. This advantage extends to the testing of current clamps/transducers. The PLZ-5W Series is available in 4 standard models which can be incrementally extended by adding additional booster units (PLZ2405W) to achieve a maximum of 10.8 kW / 2160 A DC electronic load.

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  • Color liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Maximum Slew Rate of 60 A/μs
  • High speed voltage tracking characteristics
  • Communication interfaces are included as standard
  • Sequence Creation Software Wavy for PLZ-5W (SD023-PLZ-5W)
  • Arbitrary I-V characteristics (ARB) mode
  • Booster (PLZ2405WB)
  • Parallel operation
  • PLZ-5W SR Large scale system SR Series (Smart Rack)

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