PHABRIX Rx2000 2U Dual Screen

PHABRIX Rx2000 2U Dual Screen


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Solution Type: Video Quality > Bench Video Quality
Rx Series 1

Top of the range Rx2000 with two monitoring and control screens complete with HDMI/SDI output make this an ideal instrument for outside broadcast facilities, engineering bays and broadcast manufacturers. Confidence is assured with both video screen and instrumentation available at point of source with simple touch of a button control. The Rx2000 benefits from an angled slim profile, it is lightweight and benefits from very low power consumption. Clever tilt-in-bay mechanical engineering allows the Rx2000 to be seen at various eye levels. Available as SD/HD-SDI chassis and upgraded to 3G-SDI later if required.

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  • Modular rack mount solution for broadcast infrastructure test and measurement
  • Up to 4 module bays providing up to 8 inputs and up to 4 simultaneous SDI channels of monitoring
  • Video, audio, generation, monitoring 24/7
  • Choose from a range of modules including physical layer measurement, eye and jitter
  • Full support 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and Optical support with looping I/O
  • Self contained unit with dual built-in preview/instrumentation screens
  • Instruments on multi-viewer at 1920 x 1080 on HDMI/SDI output
  • Simultaneous analysis and monitoring of up to 4 SDI channels
  • Dolby E / AES support
  • Ideal for OB operations, engineering bay, broadcast manufacturing
  • Assurred ROI, low weight, low power (from 16W)
  • Full generator as standard 32 patterns
  • Analysis includes waveform, vectorscope, data toolsets
  • 16 channels embedded audio, level meters, phase meters
  • Up to 4 channel (stereo pair or 5.1 group) Loudness meter and logging
  • SDI input ANC Timecode, reference VITC and LTC support
  • Ethernet upgrade, connect and download for firmware and software
  • Cool operation
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Broadcast manufacturing
  • OB facilities, flyaways and trucks
  • Camera shading
  • Production monitoring
  • Control room
  • Transmission remote control
  • Editing/Colour correction
  • 3D application
  • Telco

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