Conventional AC Power Supplies can be difficult to operate due to their complex machinery and cumbersome equipment. The AC Power Supply of the modern age demands a more evolved version – one that combines “common-sense” practicality and cutting-edge tech. Fortunately, Wise Tech’s Kikusui PCR WE/WE2 Series of AC Power Supplies serves as an ever-present help to those who want the best of both worlds. Not only is it enabled with multifunctional switching, but it also features high power output and an ultra-compact design. A variety of intelligent features make the PCR WE/WE2 Series a truly versatile choice: Sleek, Compact Design Getting rid of all the ‘extra baggage’, the PCR WE/WE2 Series has been reduced its size by a whopping 60% compared to its previous models. Space-Efficient and Power Dense 36 kVA Chassis The PCR WE/WE2 form factor has improved greatly, allowing for the optimal utilization of available space. Parallel Operation allows for 144 kVA of Power! All models allow parallel operation for synchronous power generation, simply plug in an optional parallel connection cable to get started! Low Ripple Noise, Power Saving Mode, and 100% Regeneration Capacity The series offers an extremely low switching noise(as little as 0.25 rms), a Power-Saving Mode which reduces power consumption by smartly utilizing available energy, and 100% power regeneration with no reverse load flow limit. Wise Tech’s Kikusui PCR-WE/WE2 Series offers 15 models which range from 1kVA to 36 kVA AC/DC with single & 3 phase variable output from 6 kVA and up. The diverse features make it an appropriate fit for almost any electrical setup.