PCR-LE2 Series

PCR-LE2 Series

Multi-output AC Power Supplies (CV/CF) : 5 Models

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Solution Type: AC Power Supply
pcr le2

The PCR-LE2 Series are designed based on the PCR-LE Series that supports single-phase output, single-phase 3-wire output, and three-phase output within the rated capacity by selecting the switch from the front panel operation. The PCR-LE2 series offer the same basic performance, using the common power unit of the PCR-LE Series, with providing easier installation and saving the space more efficiently compare to the individual allocation of the system for a single phase, single-phase 3-wire, and three phase systems. The lineup of PCR-LE2 Series are available in 5 models:6 kVA, 9 kVA, 12kVA, 18kVA, and 27 kVA model.

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