MPD 600

MPD 600

Partial discharge measurement and analysis for power transformers


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Solution Type: Partial Discharge Testing and Monitoring
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High-end measuring and analysis system for partial discharges The MPD 600 is a highly developed device for measuring partial discharges (PD). With excellent tools, even the smallest PD pulses are separated from interference and analyzed. The MPD 600 is suitable for many different PD testing applications. With many complex test objects, e.g. generators, multiple simultaneous measurements offer a distinct advantage. An MPD can be effortlessly combined with other MPDs. It is the only system worldwide that records and analyzes the signals of all connected measurement points at the same time. Hundreds of MPD systems are currently in use across the globe. Cable, transformer and machine manufacturers use the MPD 600 in their production facilities and for on-site partial discharge testing.

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Key features

  • Unsurpassed immunity to interference for partial discharge measurements, even under difficult operating conditions
  • High measurement accuracy thanks to completely digital data processing
  • Quickly and easily extendible to a virtually unlimited number of channels
  • Recording and playback of measurements with full function control
  • IEC 60270-compliant partial discharge measurement, confirmed by an independent testing institute


  • Transformer testing
  • On-site testing and fault localization in cables
  • Gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), with extension also in the UHF range
  • Measurements on rotating machines
  • Lab measurements on medium and high voltage components

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