MAGNALoad – WRx Series

MAGNALoad - WRx Series

15KW to 120KW - Water Cooled Active Resistance DC Electronic Load


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Solution Type: DC Electronic Loads > High Power DC Load
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Utilizing Magna-Power’s new patent pending Active Resistance Technology in combination with the company’s internally manufactured microchannel water-cooled heatsinks, the WRx Series addresses high power DC applications where exhaust heat control is essential. The WRx Series greatly increases power density compared air-cooled alternatives. An integrated solenoid controls the flow of water to avoid condensation. Full power can be achieved using conventional water, with water inlet temperatures up to 25 °C.

Magna-Power's Active Resistance heat dissipation technology utilizes a switched binary matrix of resistances and MOSFET network, combined with Magna-Power's new MagnaLINK™ distributed DSP architecture, the WRx Series delivers the same features and performance as traditional electronic loads, at a fraction of the price. Beyond voltage, current, resistance, and power control modes, the WRx Series also provides a rheostat control mode, allowing direct control of the product's internal resistance network.

Power Levels: 15K to 120KW
Voltage Range: 0-200 to 0-1,000 Vdc
Current Range: 0-15 to 0-2,400 Adc
Technology: Water Cooled, Active Resistance
Size: Various

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  • MagnaLINK™ Distributed DSP Architecture
  • Many Control Modes
  • Extensive Programming Support
  • Integrated Arbitrary Waveform Generation
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA, Available Worldwide

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