MAGNALoad – ALx Series

MAGNALoad - ALx Series

1.5KWto 2.5KW Air Cooled Linear DC Electronic Load


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Solution Type: DC Electronic Loads > High Power DC Load
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The ALx Series utilizes conventional linear MOSFET-based dissipative elements, allowing the series to achieve a very wide voltage-current operating range within the model’s maximum power rating. Using the same heat management innovations developed for Magna-Power’s high density programmable DC power supplies, the ALx Series’ conservative cooling ensures long product life in environments up to 50 °C ambient operating temperature.

Power Levels: 1.25KW, 2.5KW
Voltage Range: From 0-200 to 0-1,000Vdc
Current Range: From 01-20 to 0-600Adc
Technology: Air Cooled, Linear
Size: 3U, Rack-Mount

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  • MagnaLINK™ Distributed DSP Architecture
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  • Integrated Arbitrary Waveform Generation
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