LA19-13-04A – 6 GHz

LA19-13-04A – 6 GHz

Four receiver Vector Network Analyser

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Solution Type: Vector Network Analyzers > 3/8GHz VNA Vector Network Analyzers
LA19 13 04A – 6 GHz

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The LA19-13-04A is a PC-driven Vector Network Analyser boasting great performance in a very compact package. It provides great flexibility including mixer measurement capability, fast speed and wide dynamic range. It is useful for measuring a wide range of devices from 300 kHz to 6 GHz with 10 Hz resolution. The instrument uses innovative techniques to achieve outstanding characteristics such as 0.005 dB rms trace noise at its highest operating bandwidth of 140 kHz and measurement speeds of 180 us per point for all four s-paramters. The user interface control software provides many useful features including reference plane extension, de-embedding memory functions, limit lines, time-domain. In addition to a calibration kit editor it also provides utilities such as mixer measurements (conversion loss, match, port to port isolation and compression), signal generator and measurement of power at the 1 dB gain compression point as a function of frequency are provided. Support for third party tools such as VEE and LabView is by means of DLL libraries. The optional 3.5mm calibration kits use TRL referred calibration standards resulting in excellent VNA performance. Please see the data sheet for pricing information. Tutorials: Insertable device measurement calibration: Unknown Thru calibration: Mixer measurements: High dynamic range measurements:  

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