LA OEM Vector Network Analysers

LA OEM Vector Network Analysers

300kHz to 8GHz coverage

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Our company can provide Vector Network Analysers tailor made for specific applications. In particular customers requiring a reduced footprint and set of features can benefit from considering an OEM design. For example, production testing of antennas or antenna installations may only require return loss measurement. In such a case, even a modest production facility may benefit from lower capital and maintenance costs even after taking into account tooling charges. A good example of an OEM design is our LA19-14-02 Reflectometer. This was based on our LA19-13-01 standard product. The Reflectometer measures return loss and it is specifically intended for breast cancer detection. It is a very fast instrument, able to measure at 200µs per frequency point whilst maintaining excellent linearity and a trace noise of less than 0.006dBrms. Measurement errors within 0.01dB and 0.1° are possible without resorting to averaging or other enhancement techniques. Power consumption is low at less than 10W.

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  • 300kHz to 8GHz coverage
  • 10Hz frequency resolution
  • >110dB dynamic range
  • 200µs/point for single s-parameter measurement speed
  • 500µs/point all four s-parameter measurement speed
  • Full suite of embedded and host PC software
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