Kikusui TOS9300 Series

Kikusui TOS9300 Series

Electrical Safety Analyzer

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TOS9300 Series

Are you looking for an Electrical Safety Tester that allows you to accurately test the safety compliance of appliances? One that seamlessly combines all-in-one device testing with a range of other supportive analytical features? If yes, then Wise Tech’s Kikusui TOS9300 Series can serve as a powerful solution for you! It lets you conduct 4 different electrical safety tests, including Ground Bond Test and Leakage Current Test in order to ensure that your appliances comply with the most rigorous safety standards. Owing to its salient features, Kikusui T0S9300 Series can help in determining electrical safety with mathematical certainty:
  • The 4-in-one model TOS9303LC, allows you to perform 4 electrical safety tests – Ground Bond Test, Leakage Current Test, Insulation Resistance Test, and Dielectric Voltage test.
  • Get better visibility of settings, standard outlines, and blueprints with a 7-inch Color LCD Screen.
  • Get more accurate test results with AC Hipot Testing that possesses Stable High-Voltage Output.
  • The "all-rounder" model - TOS9303LC supports AC/DC withstanding voltage, insulation resistance, AC/DC earth continuity and leakage currents tests in a single device. This offers you truly holistic testing support.
Contrary to many other safety testers in the market, Kikusui T0S9300 Series offers multidimensional testing for a wide range of universal standards, all while retaining the accuracy and precision of electrical readings. The series offers 6 different models that can be optimal for an array of different electroanalytical needs, ranging from R & D to quality testing. TOS9300 Series is an all-encompassing solution for any electronics manufacturer.

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Multifunctional tester that performs wide range of universal standards

4-in-one model TOS9303LC allows you to conduct four electrical safety tests such as Dielectric voltage test, Insulation resistance test, Ground bond test, and Leakage Current test. TOS9301PD supports Partial Discharge test. The TOS9300 Series frees you to make an automated system for those electrical safety tests and reduces cost of managing assets. It increases productivity and save valuable space on the production line.

Realizes highly accurate test with constant voltage output and enhanced processing capacity

Judgement by classifying Short-circuit, Dielectric breakdown and Partial Discharge brings accurate inspection. The TOS9300 Series has 3 times faster processing capacity than the conventional safety testers. This contributes to reducing line takt time in production line.

Color LCD with high visibility and operational performance

Color LCD and user-friendly GUI steer the operator’s focus, that frees operational errors. The equipped communication interfaces (LAN/USB/RS232C) simplifies test system control and advances the test.

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