Kikusui PWR-01 Series

Kikusui PWR-01 Series

Compact Wide Range DC Power Supply

Kikusui Electronics

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WISE TECH present: Compact Wide Range DC Power Supply Looking for DC power supply systems? At WISE TECH, Israel's leading supplier of equipment systems to businesses in electronics industry, you will find a wide range of PWR-01 Series power supply systems from Japan's Kikusui Electronics, which specializes in manufacturing DC, AC and AC + DC power supplies. PWR-01 Series DC Power Supplies are compact and versatile power supplies that include several models for 3 different power outputs: 400W, 800W and 1200W. Using PWR-01 series power supplies you can define sequences with an embedded processor with analogue control. In addition, the power supplies of this series are equipped with USB, LAN and RS232C, which serve as standard interfaces essential for system integration. Among the functions of the PWR-01 series you can find:
  • Sequence function - Synchronization support
  • Variable internal resistance function
  • Multi-channel virtual function
  • Supports universal AC input voltage from 85V to 265V
  • Option to set three CONFIG parameters
  • Set a preset memory function
It is important to note that the compact design of the PWR-01 series devices is an added value and the use of each of the series' devices enables you to achieve a wide range of tasks. Want to buy one of the PWR-01 power supply models? At WISE TECH, you can enjoy professional consulting and guidance services to find a device most suited for your needs. For more information, contact us today.                  

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  • Sequence function (supports triggered synchronization)
  • Variable internal resistance function
  • LAN (LXI compliant) /USB/RS232C as standard interface
  • A virtual multi-channel bus (VMCB) function makes multi-channel operation more efficient
  • A wide range of voltage and current settings can be combined within its output power rating (3 to 4 times)
  • All models are equipped with front-facing output terminals as standard (maximum 10A)
  • Supporting universal input voltage (85V to 265V)
  • CONFIG setting shortcut function and display (Up to three parameters can be registered.)
  • Setting preset memory function (3 combinations of settings for voltage, current, OVP, OCP, and UVL)
  • Bleeder (sink) can be turned on/off, with an even stronger bleeder mode setting available
  • Output-on/off delay function
  • Soft start/stop function

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