Kikusui PLZ-4WL Series

Kikusui PLZ-4WL Series

High Speed-Large Current DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/CP)

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Solution Type: DC Electronic Loads > High Speed DC Load
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While the PLZ-4WL series succeeds to the superior operability of our conventional model of the PLZ-4W series, the PLZ-4WL series realizes the high speed rise and fall time (slew rate of 50A/µs.) in the range of low voltage with large current. The PLZ-4WL offers six operation modes, and equips with various features such as sequence operation, switching operation, soft-start function, and time and voltage measurement. The PLZ-4WL applies not only for the conventional load test of the CPU power supply, but also it can be applied to even faster current response test. In addition, the PLZ-4WL is a space-saving design (about 50% less volume of the conventional model) that can save the facility space of the testing site, and it can be applied for the single cell testing of the large scale rechargeable battery.

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  • Realizing the low voltage operation
  • Accurate low-rate discharge by the Low-range (1/100)
  • Fast Slew rate
  • Convenient feature for the discharge testing
  • Operation mode
  • Sequence function
  • External analog control
  • Protection features
- Test for the Low Voltage Power Supply of the CPU - Discharge test for the large current rechargeable battery - IV characteristic test of the solar battery - Impedance test for the various type of rechargeable batteries, power supplies - Test for the relays, switches - Absorbing the surge of brushless motor - Test for the prearcing time-current characteristic

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