Kikusui PFX2500 Series

Kikusui PFX2500 Series

Charge/Discharge System Controller

Kikusui Electronics

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PFX2500 Series is a high performance Charge/Discharge system controller that takes measurements in combination with our DC power supply and electronic load in order to evaluate test sample (electric storage elements such as secondary batteries) characteristics. It is also capable to perform evaluation test with high-performance, large capacity and wide range of rating with the combination of DC power supply and electronic load. Execution of the test is conducted by the exclusive application software. The test corresponds to long time continuous test and synchronization test with temperature chambers with the multiplexed protection performance. In addition, easy data editing is also capable with fulfilling graphic performance.

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  • Maximum voltage: 60.0000 V/Maximum current: 50.0000 A (PFX2532: 200.000A)
  • Capable of seamless charging/discharging (high speed charging/discharging transfer control)(2512/2532)
  • Capable of high-precision measurement of cumulative capacities and amount of power as well as voltage and current
  • Pattern charging/discharging capabilities by 10000 steps are installed
  • Supporting temperature measurement and capable of monitoring temperatures during charging/discharging
  • High speed sampling with maximum 1 ms can be realized (2512/2532)
  • A 6 V range is newly installed and is capable of high-precision measurement (2512/2532)
  • Fully equipped with safety features of the overcharge protection using voltage, electric charge and temperature
  • Battery deterioration is prevented by turning off the output after detecting wobbling and shock with vibration sensor
  • LAN as standard equipment (2512/2532)

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