Kikusui PCZ1000A

Kikusui PCZ1000A

AC Electronic Load (CC/CR/CP)

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Solution Type: AC Electronic Load
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PCZ1000A is an AC electronic load that enables you to perform load simulation for various inverters and transformers. In addition to the resistive loads generally used in tests, it is capable of simulating capacitor-input rectifier loads. The instrument supports input up to 1000W and is equipped with 3 operation modes - Constant Current, Constant Resistance, and Constant Power.Current waveform resemble to sine wave can be output constantly without effect by voltage waveform at each mode. Moreover, the instrument is equipped with Crest Factor function that is suitable for simulating current load test for switching power supply. This instrument provides improved operation through CPU control and enables external control and read-back via RS-232C.

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  • Maximum input load power: 1000W
  • Input voltage range: 14V to 280V(rms)
  • Input current range: 0 to 10A(rms)
  • Input frequency range: 45 to 65Hz
  • Parallel operation expands the load capacity Up to 5 units can be operated in parallel (Max. 5kW, 50Arms)
  • Supports single-phase 3-wire method, 3-phase 3-wire method Equipped with tracking operation function
  • Crest Factor Function [1.4 to 4.0] Facilitating load tests for peak or harmonic currents helps reduce design and labor time and cost as well as improve the quality of the unit under test

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