Kikusui KFM2150 System

Kikusui KFM2150 System

FC(Fuel Cell) Impedance Measurement System

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The KFM2150 system is a fuel cell impedance measurement system configured with an FC impedance meter KFM2150 and an electronic load PLZ-4W series. Combination of KFM2150 and PLZ-4WA series (0V input type) supports impedance measurement for single cell of fuel cell. In addition to impedance measurement with AC impedance method, KFM2150 system provides IR measurement with current interrupt method. Application software enables test for each characteristic of fuel cell such as I-V characteristics, Constant Current characteristics, Current Interrupt method and Cole-Cole plot by the AC impedance method. Moreover, each test can be performed in a specified order.

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  • Capable of measuring impedance in the frequency range from 10 mHz to 20 kHz.
  • Parallel operation by same model of PLZ-4W series enhances current capacity and power capacity.
  • Power capacity: 1000 W, 200 A, load input terminal: 1.5 V to 150 V (KFM2150 system 1000-01) 660 W, 132 A, load input terminal: 0 V to 150 V (KFM2150 system 660-01A)
  • Measuring AC current can be set from 0.1% to 10% (0.1% unit) of DC load current.
  • Capable of IR measurement with the current interrupt method.
  • Capable of varying DC load current while keeping measuring AC current setting (%).
  • Equipped with low voltage protection
  • External interface equipped as standard (RS-232C, GPIB, USB)
FCTester (Application software)
  • Fuel cell-friendly start-up and shut-down sequences are equipped.
  • Test modes such as I-V characteristics, constant current characteristics, current interrupt method, and Cole-Cole plot by the AC impedance method are equipped.
  • Capable of performing cycle test for fuel cell with a combination of sequence functions.
  • 2D/3D real-time graph function is equipped.
  • Capable of outputting the test data by CSV file (text format).
  • Capable of observing the voltage and the current waveform of when performing the current interrupt method.
  • A panel control function that is operable by PC equivalent to KFM2150’s panel operation is equipped.
  • Capable of performing the impedance measurement of each cell with a combination with the FC Scanner (KFM2151).
  • FC Tester consists of 3 programs, Configuration Tool, Condition Editor and Executive.

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