Kambic Climatic Chamber

Kambic Climatic Chamber

Kambic Metrology

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Solution Type: Climatic Chamber Environmental Chambers & Baths
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Kambic high performance Climatic Chamber  support the following temperatures ranges

  • (+5°C … +180°C)
  • (-40°C … +180°C)
  • (-75°C … +180°C)

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  • Temperature and relative humidity controlled test polygon
  • Material temperature & Rh resistance and product testing
  • Maintaining superior temperature & Rh stability
  • Sample conditioning prior to other tests
  • Data loggers and sensors calibration
  • Data loggers and sensors calibration
  • Accelerated ageing
  • Stress tests
  • Long term stability tests in pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Calibration laboratories
  • Material test laboratories
  • Material conditioning (e.g. annealing of plastics for automotive and electrical industries)
  • Ageing and stress tests in controlled environments

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