HV GL2000

HV GL2000

High-Voltage midi LOGGER

Graphtec Instruments

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Solution Type: Data Loggers
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GL2000 is equipped with an isolated input mechanism to protect signals from interferences caused by noise from other channels. 16-bit A/D converter adopted to achieve hi-speed and hi-resolution measurement.

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Supports large built-in RAM (4MS/ch) and built-in Flash (4 GB)

High speed 1 MS/s simultaneous sampling with isolated input

Simultaneous sampling

External sampling function

Multifunction input with CAT III measurement category

CAT III 600 V is compatible with measuring power supply circuit in an equipment that captures power directly from the distribution panel.

Measures abnormalities in a repeated waveform by effectively measuring the corresponding RMS value

Scaling (Engineering unit) function

Calculation function between channels

Trigger function

Alarm function & signal output

Y-T waveform monitor screen

Digital monitor screen

Past waveform monitor screen

XY graph monitor screen

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