Sonel MIC-2501

Sonel MIC-2501

2.5KV Insulation Resistance Meter


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Solution Type: Insulation Resistance Meter Insulation Resistance Meter > IR 2.5KV

Insulation resistance measurement:

  • selectable measurement voltage in the 100…2500 V range with 100 V step,
  • continuous indication of insulation resistance or leakage current,
  • automatic discharge of capacitance of tested object after the insulation resistance measurement,
  • acoustic signalling of five-second periods to facilitate obtaining time characteristics,
  • measured test times T1, T2 i T3 to measure one or two absorption coefficients in 15, 60 and 600 s,
  • indication of actual test voltage during the measurement,
  • protection against measuring live objects,
  • two and three-lead measurement method,

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  • Continuity measurement of protective and equipotential conductors according to EN 61557-4
  • with the >200 mA current.
  • Leakage current measurement.
  • Measurement of alternating and direct voltages in the 0...750 V range.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery pack.
  • The instruments meet the requirements of the EN 61557 standard.
  • The ability to charge from car lighter (12 V) socket (additional accessories).

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