General Ispection GI-6V Ammunition

General Ispection GI-6V Ammunition

Case & Cartridges Vision Sorting Ammunition Inspection System

General Inspection

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Solution Type: High-speed Inspection & Sorting systems
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The Gi-6V is the world’s fastest and most accurate ammunition inspection system available. It is a high speed comprehensive inspection system that detects all critical defects according to MIL-STD-636 for small caliber, MIL-STD-651 for medium caliber ammunition and components.

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  • Measures: Bullets, Projectiles, Cases, Cartridges
  • Detects all critical defects according to MIL-STD-636 for small caliber, MIL-STD-651 for medium caliber ammunition and components.
  • Windows Based Software
  • Optional: Mouth Vision, Primer Vision, 3D Primer
  • Depth Vision
  • Optional Eddy-Current for Metallurgical Variations
  • Up to 300 Parts Per Minute
  • Optional Packaging Systems
The 6V will inspect cases, projectiles and/or loaded cartridges. Employing Laser Gauging, Vision and Eddy Current technology combined with user-friendly, menu driven Windows based software this machine will measure all outside dimensions, mouth defects, primer defects, and case surface defects at a rate of 300 per minute!
  • Lengths
  • Diameters
  • Tapers
  • Radii
  • Head Space
  • Mouth Diameter
  • Virtual Full Form
  • Case Defects; Dents, Scratches, Perforations, Taper Folds
  • Min / Max Material
  • Theoretical Instersections
  • Perpendicularity
  • Straightness
  • Primer Pocket Diameter
  • Extractor Groove Diameter
  • Primer Pocket Depth & Anvil Height

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